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    WOMEN TABOOS RADIO is a news channel.

    WTR is the first nonprofit media channel in Southern Africa that powers vulnerable women to discuss, write, film or broadcast exclusively on sensitive Taboo health, gender, culture topics.

    Our news aims to reverse gender Taboos that hurt women progress in the region.

    Our motto is, “Speaking Taboos. Speaking the Unspeakable.” 

    We work online and offline, by text, Open Data, imagery, or podcasts to publish Taboos. Taboos are those sensitive gender topics women would not dare say for fear of deep social shame, violent retaliation or exclusion.


    Taboos are such sensitive topics like: Why rural women in Mozambique take lifesaving antiretroviral HIV medicine in tight secrecy for fear of being divorced by angry husbands

    – or –

    Why some courageous women in South Africa who mobilize other women to take residence in apartheid era, men-only hostels are threatened with reprisals

    – or –

    Why some widows in Zimbabwe who fail to bear male children must surrender their land and property to family members with sons.


    WTR powers women in banks, refugee camps or tomato markets to digitally narrate, and publish difficult taboo gender topics without fear.

    Daily, weekly, on our digital radio channel, we let ordinary women drive, and tell their taboo stories without inserting our biases.

    We are very unlike the big corporate media (usually Western) which flies in reporters, speak over vulnerable women, and jets back to the airport.

    At WTR we power the women to speak their taboo stories! We live our stories, our communities.

    Women Taboos Radio does not discriminate against sex, nationality, gender, religious affiliation or political backgrounds.

    We wholly support the UN Human Rights declarations like: respect for the disabled, refugees, asylum seekers, sexual minorities, transgender rights, sex workers, girl child Human Rights.

    High impact investigative journalism, like the one we run at Women Taboos Radio is expensive to produce. If you like our news, consider, donating online at GIVEGAIN to keep Women Taboos Radio alive.

Quality journalism is expensive to produce. At WTR we thrive on your support. DONATE to keep investigative journalism alive

WOMEN TABOOS RADIO is the first digital radio station in Zimbabwe dedicated to explore, expose and publish on the human rights abuses, persecution, and harrassment suffered by Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender citizens in Zimbabwe.  Women Taboos Radio empowers Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Men and Women to write, film, publish or broadcast exclusively on their sensitive gender, health, income Taboos topics. The goal is to break cultural taboos that hurt gender equality progress. LGBTI human rights in Zimbabwe are the focus of our media channel. Our non-profit licence number is: 2016/462591/08