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    Zimbabwe: Creches give childless widows peace of mind in troubled economy.

    In a troubled economy, a network of childless widows overcome stigma and find healing in operating their own creche schools. “It is not easy being a widow in Zimbabwe. It´s double sadness being a childless widow. My late husband`s family chased me away because i am barren."

    RAY MWAREYA | 2017-04-21 12:32:03
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    Why girls’ mentors are needed in computer science

    In an industry with a diversity problem, mentoring can help women to build up careers in computer science

    AUDREY SIMANGO | 2017-05-06 14:40:07
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    Zimbabwe: Girls young as 12 sell sex for "empty beer" bottles.

    “Can you imagine that some young girls whom we interviewed said we receive empty beer or soft drinks bottles as payment for sex? he s? They said they would go on to sell such bottles for $US0, 50 each."

    WTR EDITORS | 05 Jun 2017
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    Kenya: Gender violence horror story triggers donor funding

    He told me to make the bed, he gripped my throat so I couldn't scream, and then he hurt me," she recalled, nervously drawing in the red sand with a twig while cradling a baby boy.

    WTR EDITORS | 2017-07-11 07:47:07
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    Zambia: Widows humiliated as families seize properties

    "Women, widows, are taken advantage of in Zambia. It is our right; men says. As men we can do what we want. We paid (a dowry) for you. We paid a lot of money, a lot of cattle to your parents. We're not releasing you. You belong to us'.”

    DOREEN CHILUMBU | 2017-07-24 12:30:28
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    Zimbabwe: HIV-model says media has destroyed her soul

    Media calls me a "gold digger" who married a rich European footbal coach and attacks me for revealing my HIV positive status. "I touched where it hurts most; disclosing my HIV status to the public."

    WTR EDITORS | 2017-08-16 15:36:56

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