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  • Health


    "Chats about condoms are banned in church youth workshops. Pastors shout "condoms are satan´s tool." Zimbabwe has Africa´s highest teenage fertility rate.

    WTR EDITORS | 2017-04-02 10:06:36
  • Health

    South Africa: Why now it’s Time For Legal Sex Work in the country

    In countries where legal sex work exists, sex workers are granted the same rights as any other kind of labourer, and they’re not excluded from social, legal and health services.

    CARTER MAVHIZA | 2017-04-13 16:36:35
  • Health

    South Africa: foreign child brides pursue gold mining underage “husbands”

    Migrant, underage brides are trooping from neigbouring Zimbabwe and Mozambique to live and give births as “wives” of cash rich but equally underage “husbands.”

    TICHAONA JONGWE | 2017-05-02 12:26:17
  • Health

    Trump pumps fresh $13 Million for HIV in Southern Africa

    Money geared for families headed by HIV orphans. Nearly 190,000 children and people living with HIV or tuberculosis (TB) as well as 36,000 food-insecure households will be supported in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

    CARTER MAVHIZA | 2017-05-15 15:24:38
  • Health

    Zimbabwe: first test-tube IVF baby born

    Pregnancy success rate from the programme is now about the same as in countries, where IVF was well established. More births under this programme are expected in the coming months.

    WTR EDITORS | 2017-05-25 10:03:35
  • Health

    Poisoned profits: Zambia pays terrible health cost of lead mining

    Angela Miyoba, 69, makes clay pots in Kabwe Town, Zambia. She says that years of breathing and burning soil that has been poisoned with lead has damaged her lungs and left her unable to walk. She spends all day squatting around her house as shown, because she is unable to move from pain.

    RAY MWAREYA | 2017-05-25 16:30:45

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