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Human Rights

  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: Poor men choose marriage labor slavery to raise dowry price.

    In Zimbabwe some unmarried, poor, rural young men are choosing to be work as bonded “slave labourers” for years and receive a wife as payment. “Choosing to be a slave laborer for families that give me their daughter as wife is the only sensible route for me to become a husband.”

    PROGRESS MWAREYA | 2017-06-19 07:10:27
  • Human Rights

    Kenya: Childless wives endure horrendous abuse from families

    Jackline Mwende’s encountered one of the most horrendous tragedy of a childless marriage. The 32 year-old was allegedly attacked by her husband who she say chopped off her both hand with a machete.

    LEOPOLD OBI AND COLLINS OGOLLA | 2017-08-29 16:52:46
  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: Opposition leader survives brutal attempt on her life

    Joyce Mujuru, a former vice president in Zimbabwe says ruling party youth stoned her, loosened her teeth - and was rushed to clinic.

    RAY MWAREYA | 01 Feb 2018
  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: innocent man brutally tortured following police shootings.

    After being bludgeoned on the head with an unknown object while in police custody, Gogo is suffering from brain edema, that is, swelling of the brain due to severe beating he received at the hands of the police.

    RAY MWAREYA | 2018-03-11 17:33:26
  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: fearsome soldiers demanding free sex as coup reward.

    Rougue soilders force sex workers to give unpaid sex as rewared for carrying out 2017 coup that toppled Robert Mugabe from power.

  • Human Rights

    Zambia: Two face 15-year jail term for gay sex accusations.

    A magistrate's court in the southern Africa country of Zambia has imprisoned two men over accusations of being gay and practicing homosexuality.

    PAUL SHALALA & RAY MWAREYA | 07 May 2018

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