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Zimbabwe: Opposition leader survives brutal attempt on her life

Author: Ray Mwareya Date Published: 01 Feb 2018
  • Zimbabwe: Opposition leader brutally attacked by ruling party thugs

    Suspected ruling party thugs in Zimbabwe today brutally attacked and stoned members of former vice president Joice Mujuru’s and now leader of the opposition National People’s Party.

    Joice Mujuru is a former vice-president of the republic of Zimbabwe and an opposition presidential candidate in this year crunch elections.

    Ms. Mujuru was campaigning in Harare’s Glen Norah suburb at the time of the attack.

    Pictures show a man, a supporter of Ms. Mujuru, with a deep gash to his head, and blood streaming down his back.

    Ms. Joice Mujuru was also slightly injured in the attack.

    Her party´s secretary general, Gift Nyandoro, confirmed in a statement that Mujuru had survived “a barrage of stones being thrown at her by hired Zanu-PF youths at Chitubu shops” in Glen Norah suburb in the capital Harare.”

    “The doctor has recommended that she has an X-ray for any internal injuries,” said family member Wellence Mujuru in a tweet.

    “It is very sad that the ruling party still believe in the culture of political violence,” he said.

    Police have not commented on the incident.

    Number-plate recorded

    Another rights groups, the Human Rights NGO Forum said a vehicle had dropped off a group of ruling Zanu-PF youths thugs that attacked members of the NPP as they conducted a rally. The vehicle's number plate had been recorded, it said. 

    “Organised political violence should not be condoned in light of the upcoming elections,” the group said in a tweet.

    Mujuru’s popularity has risen recently after reports says she is on the verge of a launching a new party – and this reportedly has frightened the military backed government in Zimbabwe. She initially welcomed Zimbabwe´s army takeover of power but has since accused him of staging a coup.

    Delicate time

    Thursday’s incident comes at a delicate time in Zimbabwe, as its president Mr. Mnangagwa tries to re-engage with the international community.

    Mr. Jonathan Moyo, a dissident former government minister who now lives in exile after escaping what he says bullets were fired in attempts on his life by the army, said of the brutal attack on Ms. Mujuru: “Joyce Mujuru has been attacked by coup soilders after her game changing meeting with former president Mugabe.”

    Mr. Jealousy Mawarire, a fierce critic of the army backed government in Zimbabwe says: “Mrs. Mujuru was assaulted by suspected Zanupf youths and two soldiers. Several of her teeth on the rights side are aching and the rights cheek is numb. She has gotten an injection and is taking a rest. How can elections be free and fair when presidential candidates are assaulted?”

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