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  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: innocent man brutally tortured following police shootings.

    After being bludgeoned on the head with an unknown object while in police custody, Gogo is suffering from brain edema, that is, swelling of the brain due to severe beating he received at the hands of the police.

    RAY MWAREYA | 2018-03-11 17:33:26
  • Development

    Zimbabwe: Politically connected timber smugglers wreck precious forests

    Illegal logging gangs from all over Zimbabwe towns are also coming into the forest smuggling hundreds of tonnes of trees every month and driving tree species to the brink of local extinction

    PROGRESS MWAREYA | 2018-02-25 21:26:44
  • Health

    Zimbabwe: Why suppression of Gay, Lesbian rights is danger for HIV control efforts.

    Zimbabwe’s recently deposed president Robert Mugabe made no secret of his loathing for gay men and lesbians. He once famously described them as “worse than pigs and dogs”.

    RAY MWAREYA | 04 Feb 2018
  • Human Rights

    Zimbabwe: Opposition leader survives brutal attempt on her life

    Joyce Mujuru, a former vice president in Zimbabwe says ruling party youth stoned her, loosened her teeth - and was rushed to clinic.

    RAY MWAREYA | 01 Feb 2018
  • Development

    Zimbabwe: Girls health at deadly risk from harsh laws and sexual taboos.

    A global human rights lobby, Amnesty International, has accused Zimbabwe government of placing adolescent girls at risk of harmful consequences, including dying in childbirth, because inconsistent laws make it harder for them to access sexual and reproductive health information and services.

  • Gender

    South Africa: Solo artist risks body to promote queer gender rights inside posh galleries.

    "I take a huge risk; I move my black queer body in posh museums and galleries, deftly avoiding pieces of art that cost thousands or millions. This is my goal to make visible the difficult plight of black queer LGBTI bodies in South Africa."

    RAY MWAREYA | 09 Jan 2018

WTR is the first nonprofit media channel in Southern Africa that powers vulner able women to discuss, write, film or broadcast exclusively on sensitive Taboo health, gender, culture topics.Our news aims to reverse gender Taboos that hurt women progress in the region.
Our motto is, “Speaking Taboos. Speaking the Unspeakable.” We work online and offline, by text, Open Data, imagery, or podcasts to publish Taboos. Taboos are those sensitive gender topics women would not dare say for fear of deep social shame, violent retaliation or exclusion.