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    Free press Unlimited

    FreePress Unlimited works to ensure that reliable news and information remains available to people around the world, and is based in the Netherlands. Free Press Unlimited provided humanitarian support that enriched the vision to create Women Taboos Radio. Visit their webiste at FreePressUnlimited

    Reporter Ohne Grenzen (Reporters Without Borders)

    Reporter Ohne Grenzen fights for press freedom all over the world and is based in Germany. Reporter Ohne Grenzen provided life-changing fellowships that nurtured the vision to create Women Taboos Radio. Visit their website at ReportersWithoutBorders



Quality journalism is expensive to produce. At WTR we thrive on your support. DONATE to keep investigative journalism alive

WTR is the first nonprofit media channel in Southern Africa that powers vulner able women to discuss, write, film or broadcast exclusively on sensitive Taboo health, gender, culture topics.Our news aims to reverse gender Taboos that hurt women progress in the region.
Our motto is, “Speaking Taboos. Speaking the Unspeakable.” We work online and offline, by text, Open Data, imagery, or podcasts to publish Taboos. Taboos are those sensitive gender topics women would not dare say for fear of deep social shame, violent retaliation or exclusion.